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Why Choose Smoke Tree Mobile Home Park?

Community pool inside smoke tree mobile home park

Why Choose Smoke Tree Mobile Home Park?

We feel as though we are members of something bigger than ourselves when we are a part of a community. It allows us to connect with others, achieve our objectives, and feel protected and secure.

A genuine community is about being engaged and accountable for what occurs, not simply observing but actively engaging and making a difference.

In Smoke Tree Mobile Home Park, there are a lot of opportunities to explore and discover, letting the citizens fully live their lives to the fullest while benefitting from its services. 

With amenities such as a swimming pool, a soothing spa, a clubhouse, a well-stocked library, and even an onsite laundry and vehicle wash facility, residents’ lives are made more accessible and more pleasant.

Here are some things why you should choose Smoke Tree Mobile Home Park. 


McMurtrey Aquatic Center Is Just Around The Corner

Individuals who enjoy swimming and diving go to the McMurtry Aquatic Center. The center offers a vast pool and an Olympic-sized heated pool (with nine 25-yard lanes) with lifeguard protection, making a plunge here both safe and refreshing.

Fitness programs, scuba and water polo, and leisure swims are available for casual swimmers. 

There are two water slides, a water volleyball area, and diving boards in the children’s play area. Don’t forget to make time with your little one at the splash zone, which is a kid’s favorite. 

There is a campground where you can relax and a snack bar where you can grab a snack to eat before returning to the lake.


Attend festivals and other events at Beale Park Amphitheater

In addition to featuring tennis and basketball facilities, Beale Park is one of Bakersfield’s oldest parks. However, it does offer a horseshoe throw, as well as a spray park, plenty of seating, and picnic spaces where you can spend time with nature and your family.

Meanwhile, you may go to the Amphitheater to see plays and have seen friends be married there over the years.


Bond with nature at the Sequoia National Forest

Beautiful natural landscapes surround the city of Bakersfield, and being able to visit them nearby is an excellent opportunity to explore your surroundings. 

The park has 30 groves of tall Sequoia trees and wild and beautiful rivers, glacier-carved valleys, and wild and picturesque rivers.

Backpacking and trekking, river rafting and kayaking, and camping at one of the many campgrounds are popular ways to explore the forest.

Six unique designated wilderness areas, including the 95,000-acre Domeland Wilderness, are located inside the forest.

June through August are ideal for visiting Sequoia National Park since the weather is the most consistent.

The park is available all year; however, specific problems occur during different seasons. For example, snow chains or tires are necessary to safely travel park roads during the winter months.


Convenient Amenities for the community 

The following are some of the facilities available in Smoke Tree Mobile Estates that will surely benefit you and your family.

Swimming Pool

Indoor Jacuzzi

Saunas are available inside.

Fitness Center


Room for Billiards

Park for Dogs

Spa for Dogs

Library in the Community

While enjoying the amenities, having quality time just for yourself and your family would strengthen the bond and the relationship with each other. It would create a strong foundation and a healthy community connection. 


Final Words On Why Choose Smoke Tree Mobile Home Park

A good community creates a safe and secure atmosphere. In your area, you should feel snug. 

You should feel safe in the knowledge that your city is watching out for you and that your neighbors are keeping an eye on you. 

When your kids go trick-or-treating, you should feel safe, and when you go for a nocturnal jog, you should feel satisfied. Of course, no location is perfect, but you should always feel at ease when you’re a part of a community.

Let us help you find your mobile home community, visit our website and let’s get started.

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