friends enjoying pizza and beers

Things to Do in Roseville

Getting to know a town is like dating. We often want to find common interests first and see how things go from there. 

Roseville is a town that people get to love easily because of its character, energy, and people. It is a place that many people can relate to. It offers anything and everything that residents, old and new, need and residents continue to love this place as time goes by.

We have listed three of the best reasons, why Roseville is a place that can enamor you quickly.


Sharing a meal with friends, family, or colleagues can bring people together in many ways.  For individuals who want to enjoy a sumptuous dinner and explore their artistic side, THE FIG TREE COFFEE ART AND MUSIC  LOUNGE is an excellent place to be. 

Another fun activity that allows people to enjoy food is the FOOD TRUCK CINEMA. With so many food trucks in the vicinity and a movie that touches the heart, it is definitely a beautiful evening.

But, if it’s a diner, you are looking for, and its novelties, JOHN’S INCREDIBLE PIZZA is the place for you!


Not many know that there are wineries near Roseville. For individuals seeking a cultural activity that allows you to indulge in life’s simple pleasures such as wine tasting, then the Roseville area is the place for you.

 With four wineries near a town, namely MT. VERNON WINERY, VINA CASTELLANO WINERY, FAWNRIDGE WINERY, and PLACER COUNTY WINERY, wine lovers are in for a happy stay.

Some of these companies even open their bodegas for some visitors from time to time so clients can appreciate the process of making wine and the importance of storing them properly.


Whether it’s extreme physical activity or graceful and artistic sport, Roseville always has something to offer.

Young skaters can train at the ROLLER KING SKATING AND BLADING to improve their craft. Even newbies who want to learn how to skate for fun are welcome to visit.

For people who like to push themselves to the limits and challenge their capacity, the MOTHER LODE RIVER is the place to be. Water rafting is a group activity that utilizes power, strength, and teamwork to get through the most robust swirls and turns of the river.

As for ladies and gentlemen who want a quiet and relaxing activity, Roseville is a place for GOLF. With at least 10 golf courses in town and nearby areas, golf enthusiasts will have no trouble scheduling their next swing.

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