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Things to do in Bakersfield California

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Things to do in Bakersfield California

Some towns are bordering plain and boring, but not Bakersfield, California. This town is buzzing with energy day-in, day-out as commercial districts come alive at night, and the business district remains busy in the morning. 

If you are looking at homes for sale in Bakersfield California and have not entirely made up your mind if it is an exciting town to move into, keep reading and we will walk you through on the things that you can do if you chose to stay.


If you are someone who likes to take a trip down memory lane, Kern County Museum is the best place for you. One of the most popular features of this museum is the Pioneer Village that is built on 16 acres of land that shows how life was before the turn of the 19thcentury.

A lot of the houses in the area were antique and have been restored to current condition so the public can appreciate the town’s history.

And there are also various artworks from local artists that hang on the walls of the museum and installations made by sculptors in the region.

There is a place that will make the kids go crazy about animals and their ancestors. In Buena Vista Museum of Natural History, tons of taxidermized animals are put on display, as well as fossils and bones.

Also, when we say art, we do not only mean visual art, but we also mean music.

Buck Owens created Crystal Palace to give tribute to the local artists in town. This retro bar has kept its light on since it was first opened and people still go here for some outstanding local music.


Everybody needs to do a little bit of shopping once in a while and with Valley Plaza Mall residents of Bakersfield need not look far to get their fix of retail therapy.

This Mall has seen history change but remains relevant to its market and so it continues to thrive. It continuously updates its offerings on clothing, services, and food choices to make sure it can keep its customers excited and always on the lookout for something new.

The town also has a decent amount of hospitals, churches, banks, and other utility offices to make sure running errands is a breeze!


One of the gems hidden in Bakersfield is the Kern Canyon. This is a popular camping site for people who love to see a spectacular sunset on the backdrop of mountain hues. The canyon was nestled between the Kern River and the Southern San Joaquin Valley.

And if you would like to take a dip in the water but a beach may be too much sun for you, then welcome to Lake Ming. It is a humanmade lake surrounded with tall green trees and birds flying. The place is intended for all age groups that have an interest in water sports; whether you want to go boating, skiing, or just swimming, the lake is vast enough for everyone.

So, if you are still in a house hunt mode, visit the Smoke Tree Mobile Home Park in Bakersfield, California. With so many things to do in town and warm, welcoming residents in your neighborhood, there is no reason not to move here.

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