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The Best Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Mobile Home Community!

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The Best Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Mobile Home Community!

Keeping your mobile home park tidy is no easy task. With so many different people coming and going on a regular basis, things can get messy quickly. That’s why the best spring cleaning tips come in handy! Whether it’s the first sign of spring or the actual first day of spring, you won’t be able to keep your community clean without some help from experts. Even if you’ve managed to keep things tidy all winter long, there are still a few simple tricks you can use to give your community an even more thorough scrubbing than ever before. From small details like tidying up pathways to larger tasks like restoring landscaping and cleaning common areas, we have everything you need to know to give your community a sparkling new look this season.

Start by giving your community a good scrubbing

If your community has been abandoned all winter long, it’s likely covered in dust and grime. While this isn’t very nice for everyone living in your community, it’s also not healthy for the environment. So before you do anything else, you’ll want to get out the mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies to start scrubbing everything down. Start with the pathways, walkways, and parking spaces. Make sure to get into all the corners and crevices and use a hose to spray everything down. You’re likely going to want a pressure washer if you’re cleaning a particularly large area. Next, move on to your common areas like the clubhouse, pool, and playground.

Hosing down common areas

After scrubbing down the common areas, you’ll want to hose them down. Make sure to do this before you start cleaning, as you don’t want the dirt from the scrubbing process going into the pool or other areas you want to keep clean. Afterward, you can start cleaning. Start by vacuuming up any loose dirt, sand, or mud from outdoor areas. If you have a high-traffic area, you may want to consider using a pressure washer to remove any stubborn stains. Next, you’ll want to clean the pool, if applicable. You can start by scrubbing the sides of the pool and skimming any leaves or other debris from the surface. If you have a pool filter, you may also want to scrub it down. Once all the gross stuff is out of the way, you can start sanitizing the water.

Touch-up paint for fading outdoor areas

While you’re cleaning and scrubbing your pathways and common areas, you’ll want to look for any fading areas you can touch up with paint. This is especially important if your mobile home park is located in a particularly sunny area. By touching up with fresh paint, you can help prevent the fading areas from growing. Once you’ve applied new paint, let it sit for a few days before cleaning it up. While you’re waiting, you can go ahead and start cleaning up the rest of the area. Once you’ve given everything a good scrubbing and have let it sit to dry, you can move on to sanding the new paint.

Planting fresh, green grass

While you’ve been cleaning and painting, you may have noticed your grass is looking a little bit on the sad side. You’ll want to fix this before spring really gets into full swing, or your community is going to have quite a mess on its hands. Luckily, you can order fresh, green grass that will look just like it came from the backyard. The next time you’re at your local hardware store, pick up some new sod and get to work. Make sure to water it regularly and keep it moist until it’s grown in, and your community will be looking as good as new in no time.

Repaint any damaged doors or windows

If you notice any broken or damaged doors or windows during your cleaning, you’ll want to go ahead and repaint them as soon as possible. That way, you can prevent any further damage to your property and keep your residents as safe as possible. Make sure to get a good stain-blocking primer for any wooden frames and use high-quality paint. You don’t want these doors or windows to start chipping and peeling once again.

Tidy up your pathways and parking lots

While you’ve been cleaning and painting everything else, you may have noticed that your pathways and parking spaces have gotten a bit messy. That’s where the best spring cleaning tips come in handy. Start by taking a walk through your pathways and parking spaces and picking up any litter or debris. If there are any broken or damaged leaves, you may also want to consider sweeping them up. Next, you can move on to the pathways. You can start by raking any leaves or other debris and then cleaning the pathways with a broom or vacuum. If your pathways are made of asphalt or concrete, you may also want to consider power washing them to get the area looking good as new.


Keeping things tidy in your mobile home community is no easy task. From spring to fall, everything seems to get even messier than it is during the winter. Luckily, we have the best spring cleaning tips to help you get through. From the moment the first sign of spring arrives to the day the first actual spring day hits, you can use these simple tricks to give your community a thorough scrubbing that will last all season long.


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