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Retiring soon? Here’s Why Mobile Home Communities are Good For You

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Retiring soon? Here’s Why Mobile Home Communities are Good For You

U.S. senior population is surging, with 10,000 baby boomers daily becoming 65.  Retirement provides ample free time; perhaps you’re planning how to spend your golden years.

Among those who have made this new life transition, a popular option these days is moving into a mobile home community.

Mobile home communities today have taken a different approach to better meet the needs of the growing market of older homeowners.

These relatively newer developments, where you have gated retirement communities, operate more like condominiums– everybody owns a piece of real estate. And as such, everybody in the community is a lot more invested in making their neighborhood a lot more senior-friendly and a lot safer and more secure.

If retirement is coming up soon for you, here are three reasons why a mobile home community might be perfect for your change in lifestyle:


Financially, it makes a lot of sense

Letting go of the big empty nest of a home you now have is worth considering. A lot of new homeowners in mobile home communities have sold their original homes, then bought their new retirement property, and found themselves with a considerable amount of cash after everything.

This cash gives you even more options. You can put it into savings, or invest it a new business, or perhaps use it to finally do some traveling or some hobbies you’ve always wanted to get into but never had the time.

Also, keep in mind that a regular mobile home is taxed as a vehicle and therefore depreciates over time. But when you also purchase the land it stands on (such as in the case of a mobile home community), it then becomes a home with a value that can instead appreciate over the long term.


The benefits of a gated community

Especially if your original neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse, moving into a new mobile home community can indeed be a welcome change.

With a gated community setup, you do away with loitering strangers, keeping everybody within the neighborhood safer and more secure.

A heightened sense of safety and security means you can take long leisurely walks around outside, even at night. Kids can play at the park and bike around safely.

And you have the peace of mind that your neighbors are looking out for you (in the same way you’re looking out for them as well).


No lack of things to do

There’s always something to do in a mobile home community. Newer, more forward-thinking communities have some pretty cool amenities like a neighborhood library, a swimming pool, outdoor areas like parks and trails, a recreation hall, and more.

The community frequently comes together as well, not just on weekends and holidays. There will almost always be residents playing outside, or backyard barbecues and picnics, or group activity sessions like Bingo, card games, or brisk walking.

You can be as active as you want and as social as you want. At these new mobile home communities, it’s nice to know you have those options, in addition to whatever else you’d want to pursue on your own.



A mobile home community can be the sensible next step for you when you’re facing retirement. With neighbors who are also living out their sunset years, you can take comfort knowing you’ll be with folks who understand your needs and are looking out for you.

These new retirement communities are completely run by your fellow residents, and between the amenities and the various activities in and around the neighborhood, you’ll find no shortage of activities to keep you engaged and entertained.

Moving into a mobile home community is also a very sensible (and affordable) move, as you lower your living costs while stretching out your savings and your fixed income.


About Smoke Tree Mobile Estates

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