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Fall Activities the Whole Family Will Love!

Fall Father and Daughter

Fall Activities the Whole Family Will Love!

Are you thinking of trying out some new activities with your family? Maybe you are tired of the usual weekend get-together over lunch or dinner! It is time to mix things a little! We have gathered five activities you can do with your family this fall season! These activities will undoubtedly win the hearts of kids and adults alike. 


Must-Do Fall Activities for Families

Let’s begin! 

Host a Halloween party. 

Apart from the vibrant colors, fall also has one of the biggest, most festive holidays of the year – Halloween! While it is not an official compensated holiday, it has been a tradition to celebrate Halloween all over the world. Prepare your spooky decors, themed menu, colorful and scary costumes for the night. Make everything creative to inviting to really impress your guests. Instead of serving the usual OJ, swap it to a “bloody” cranberry juice! You are only limited by your imagination! 

Work on your Christmas list. 

Yes, we know this is a little too early. But admit it, we all get excited about Christmas! Fall is the perfect time to complete your wish list and buy some gifts for your family and friends. The stores and malls are not that full of people yet, and you can score some excellent stuff since you’re not buying in a rush! 

Learn how to bake. 

Baking is one of the things you can learn together with your entire family, including your kids! Make use of seasonal ingredients to feel that unique fall ambiance truly. Go out and buy the biggest pumpkin you can find and turn it into a yummy pie. 

Watch a scary movie. 

The internet is full of lists of the best scary movies for you and your entire family! Pick one that you find exciting and load it up the TV. Ask your children to microwave some popcorn, whip up some hot cocoa. When all that is done, you can cuddle in your comfy sofa with your favorite people in the world.   

Go for a hike. 

If your family is an adventurous one, you can explore the great outdoors instead of staying in. The great thing about hiking during the fall is because the sights are less crowded. Unlike summer, when everyone seems to be out of their houses, fall is a little bit more relaxed and not touristy. Grab this chance to take a quiet walk or hike with your family. Remember to take lots of pictures and share it on your social media accounts so your friends can see! 


All these ideas are perfect for the entire family! 

Do you know what else if perfect for the family? Having a mobile home that offers you everything a traditional home offers you – like Smoke Tree MHP! Our community is a serene 202-space, made for all ages! We are located in sunny Bakersfield, California, with access to major establishments like malls, hospitals, schools, and parks. The environment in our community is conducive for families with young kids, newly married couples, even retirees! 

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