Pumpkin-filled front porch Smoke Tree MHP

Easy DIY Halloween Porch Decorations for Homeowners on a Budget

Do you know that decorating your home for the holiday is one surefire way to lift your mood, or possibly, even make you happier? According to several studies, most people associate things that make them happy, and these include Halloween porch decorations, elegantly wrapped gifts, and cinnamon bread that fills the home with the lingering smell of comfort and warmth during fall. 

However, you don’t have to allot a huge budget just to make your home look festive. With our easy DIY Halloween porch decorations, you can evoke those strong feelings of your childhood. 

Flag pennant streamers 

Also called “banderitas,” these streamers have triangle-shaped pennants that can be made from recycled fabric, paper, or vinyl, plus a string that should be strong enough to hold their weight. 

If you want the traditional Halloween colors, stick to orange and black. However, you can also add purple and other autumn tones to spice things up a bit. 

Pumpkin-filled front porch steps 

Line both sides of the front porch steps with different sizes and types of gourds and pumpkins and add autumn leaves and twigs between them. While some people paint them with solid colors or decorate them with a stencil, you may want to go au naturel if you want your porch to look quaint and “country.”

Jack O’Lantern jars 

You can upcycle your old glass jars by turning them into a cool Halloween decoration. Simply paint them in solid colors, usually black, white, or orange (or a combination of them), and draw a face on them using a black or white marker. 

Just like the DIY project mentioned above, you can use these jars to line the sides of your front porch steps. 

Planters filled with autumn flowers

Mums and dahlias are great autumn flowers to fill your set of planters. But if you want spooky-themed front porch decorations, you can paint these planters in solid colors associated with Halloween and draw a face or a silhouette of cats, spiders, bats, and anything related to the season. 

Hanging bat cutouts 

Using a bat template, which is available online for free, you can make several bat cutouts made from black cardboard. Then, you can hang them upside down to the wall and/or ceiling using a short string.

To bring your hanging bat cutouts to the next level, you can add some Halloween lights (or any decorative lights you have at hand). 

Autumn leaves wall decoration

For this easy DIY project, you’ll need scissors, twine, twig, and autumn leaves. 

Once you have all your supplies and tools, decide on a leaf arrangement. One surefire way to create balance is to alternate the height of each leaf. With a high-and-low order, they will look pleasing to the eye. 

Witch supplies

With a DIY broomstick leaning against the wall of your porch, a large pumpkin or two, a creepy vintage signboard, and a pair of ultra-pointy shoes, you can make your house look like it’s owned by a witch.  

To make your DIY witch’s broomstick, use a thick bundle of twigs that are secured around a long thick branch with twine.

Halloween-themed front porch seat

Lean a bench against the wall and fill it with throw-pillows in solid colors associated with Halloween–i.e., orange, black, and white. Then, just below the seat, you can place a few different-sized gourds and pumpkins, vintage lanterns, or planters. 

Hanging ghosts

For this DIY project, you’ll need white fabric, a white paper lantern, string or twine, small hooks for hanging (optional), scissors, black felt, and a hot glue gun. 

First, you need to drape a white fabric over your paper lantern. Next, make sure that you cut a small slit at the top of the cloth so the lantern’s hook can pop through. Then, tie a piece of string for your hanging ghost decoration. 

To create a ghost face, cut out three oval shapes from a black felt–make sure that the mouth is slightly bigger than the eyes. Then, attach them with hot glue and hang them to a hat rack, tree, or ceiling.