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Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home Park

Finding a home is one of the happiest, most rewarding experience of every individual. But, more than the location, choosing a home also entails knowing the taxes and fees that a homeowner should pay once the family has settled in. A regular residential home would often entail property tax, community tax, and other taxes. Maintenance and security are still other factors to consider. Because of this consideration, a lot of seniors and young families are deciding to go with mobile home parks.  And we are giving you more reasons to live in one:


Living in a mobile home will give you a simpler lifestyle, giving more room to meaningful experiences and consumption. This attitude has been proven to result in a happier, more positive outlook in life that helps lessen the occurrence of anxiety and depression. Living in a smaller space also means there is less to declutter and more time to enjoy activities that you love. You can also save on cost as no need to do garden landscaping work or yard trimming.


Studies showed that mobile homes are produced with 90 percent less waste than traditional houses. These features make mobile homes a friend to Mother Earth. And since these homes are built in the manufacturing plant and for delivery to the site, there is less modification to the natural landscaping or geography of the land. Imagine living a  happier life while helping the environment? Is it not a win-win situation for everybody?


Living in a mobile home will save you a lot of money. Today, in the United States, the average cost of building a  traditional home is around$450,000 dollar. Comparing that cost to the average mobile home of around $35,000 dollar. Just imagine how much savings you can get from that. It is less than ten percent of the cost of a traditional house. With its affordability owning a mobile home is one of the most practical approaches to having your own place.


Traditional homes needs more permits before you can actually do a modelling. Extending your balcony will actually require you get a building permit from the government civil works department before you can start with the remodeling that you like to do. If in case you like to put a pond on your porch, you have to consult your local government regulators if your pond would be a contributor to hazards in the future. These problems are non-existent if you own a mobile home. No need to file for these permits when you want a change of atmosphere.


One of the most expensive bills that every homeowner has to face annually is the property tax. Property taxes are computed based on the area of the land that your home occupies, the area where your home is built, if it is in a business district, the rates would be much higher compared to a rural area.

These are only a few of the perks that mobile homeowners can get if they chose to live in the community. 

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