5 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Homes

Manufactured homes in Bakersfield: Safe and affordable

Consider getting a mobile home if you’re looking for a housing option that fits your needs and budget. Also called manufactured homes, mobile homes are prefabricated housing units that are significantly cheaper than traditional ones but provide the comforts you’ll look for in a residential dwelling.


Since mobile homes are built according to the HUD’s construction standards, they are safe and can withstand severe weather conditions. You can set up a mobile home on a piece of land you own or on leased land, such as a mobile home park.


For example, Smoke Tree is a mobile home park in Bakersfield, CA, with modern amenities like a swimming pool, a fitness studio and other recreation facilities. It’s a good place for people looking for peace and quiet while living near the metro.


To help buyers decide if getting a mobile home is a good fit for them, Smoke Tree answered some commonly asked questions about the topic.


1. What’s a mobile home?

Mobile homes are factory-built houses that don’t have permanent foundations. They follow the construction requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Development (HUD) and, since 1976, have been officially called manufactured homes.


These housing units are usually built on base frames with wheels and measure at least 320 square feet. They often come in three sizes: single, double or triple sections.


Mobile homes can be moved, but modern units are usually moved only once. After delivery and assembly, workers detach the wheels and secure the chassis on blocks, metal piers, or concrete foundations.


Modern mobile homes are durable and comfortable, despite negative stereotypes. They are also energy efficient and can be modified and expanded based on the homeowner’s needs.


2. Are mobile homes more affordable than traditional houses?

Mobile homes are more cost-effective compared to traditional, site-built houses. They benefit from lower material costs, faster build times and greater construction efficiency.


Overall, mobile homes are an affordable housing option that provides the amenities of traditional houses for a fraction of the cost. You can set up a unit in a mobile home park, which may feature facilities like sparkling pools, indoor hot tubs, fitness studios, clubhouses, dog parks, community libraries and more.


3. Are mobile homes safe during severe weather conditions?

Mobile homes built and installed based on HUD guidelines are safe in severe weather conditions.


Since the HUD regulated the production of mobile homes, modern units have followed the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. This applied standards in the home’s design, plumbing, electrical system, fire safety, thermal protection and energy efficiency.


Manufactured homes can withstand horizontal wind loads up to 76.55 mph and wind uplift up to 59.29 mph. Additionally, homes built for hurricane-prone areas, like Wind Zones II and III, have even greater wind resistance.


4. Do you need to own land if you’re buying a mobile home in Bakersfield?

While you don’t need to buy a piece of land if you’re getting a mobile home, you’ll need to set up your unit somewhere.


You can buy a piece of land and build your mobile home on your property. However, that may be costly and inaccessible for most people.


Another option is to rent in a mobile home park and install your manufactured home there. This is an attractive alternative if you’re looking for facilities like pools, parks and community amenities.


Located in the beautiful city of Bakersfield, Smoke Tree is an all-age, mobile home community dedicated to making our residents’ lives easier and more comfortable. Our facilities include a swimming pool, a spa, a fitness studio, a library, a clubhouse, a dog park and more.


Visit us at 4401 Hughes Lane, Bakersfield, CA 93304. Find your next home fill out the form, and let’s get you on your way.

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