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3 Benefits of a Dog Park Near Your Mobile Home Community

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3 Benefits of a Dog Park Near Your Mobile Home Community

Fun fact: more than one-third of all U.S. households have one or more dogs. Dogs are more than just “man’s best friend”; they’re family.

So even if you’re moving to mobile home community, you want to make sure your Bakersfield mobile home has a dog park nearby, easily accessible when you take your canine companion out for a walk.

Dog parks allow your pets to run and play around safely without a leash, allowing for socialization with other dogs. 

With a growing number of cities and municipalities throughout the country making the effort to designate sections of public parks towards this purpose, dog parks have steadily been becoming more popular in the United States.


With a dog park nearby, you’ll have healthier pets and people to improve the quality of life in your town or neighborhood, and here’s why:

Dog parks can act as a gathering spot for pet parents

Guess who else will be hanging out at dog parks? Other animal-loving homeowners and their respective pets! You have a community of like-minded folk– fellow dog owners– to get exercise with and socialize with.

While your little doggies are off on a happy romp, go right ahead and form new friendships. Take this opportunity to get to know your neighbors (and your neighborhood) more, exchange ideas and information, and perhaps even plan new activities together.


Dog parks also promote public safety 

With a dog park, your animal companions can run free with nary a care in the world. 

Pet parents wouldn’t have to walk their dogs on busy streets. And in addition to some welcome time without a leash, pet owners are also need to worry less about their furry friends taking out their pent-up energy on, say, the neighbors’ lawn and other private property.


Pets and fur parents both get ample exercise

As your furry little ones get the exercise they need, you’ll notice they’ll be a lot more agreeable and a lot more well-behaved.

In the same manner, you could use a bit of exercise as well. Walking your dog is a great way to get your healthy dose of daily physical activity.


On Having An Accessible Dog Park Near Your Mobile Home or Manufactured Home Community

As any fur parent knows, an animal companion brings much-needed love and joy to your household. Studies have already shown that pet owners in general have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure than non-pet owners.

So, when you’re considering moving to a new neighborhood, like a mobile home park or a retirement community in Bakersfield, check out nearby dog parks you can walk to every day with your animal companion. 


Your dogs are welcome at Smoke Tree Mobile Estates! We’re a mobile home community in Bakersfield, California, in a prime location perfect for those who want peace and quiet, but still live within city boundaries.

Our well-maintained facilities include not just a dog park, but also a swimming pool, a spa, a clubhouse, a library, and even an onsite laundry and car wash facility. 

With our residents’ comfort, convenience, and well-being in mind, our neighborhood is in close proximity to Highway 99 as well as various establishments and shopping centers nearby.

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